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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

May 28, 2018

On this special Memorial Day episode of Inside the Headset, we speak with Navy Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo and AFCA Executive Director, and former Army head coach Todd Berry about the uniqueness of coaching at a service academy and what this day means to them.

Niumatalolo Segment 

0:24 - Start of interview

0:44 - Difficulties and rewards of coaching at a service academy

3:22 - Swim requirements & spring football

5:44 - Recruiting for Navy football

7:15 - "Undersized" linemen and chips on shoulders

9:05 - Uniqueness of Army vs. Navy

10:47 - Signing athletes post-9/11

14:10 - Remembering those that paid the ultimate sacrifice

15:57 - Family atmosphere and longevity as a staff

22:44 - Speaking at AFCA Convention

Berry Segment

24:42 - Start of interview

25:05 - Impact of relationships with players

26:55 - Unique experiences at Army

36:42 - Greatest lesson learned from athletics

39:09 - Lunch with President George W. Bush


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