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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Dec 6, 2018

This week on Inside the Headset we are featuring Bronco Mendenhall's General Session from the 2018 AFCA Convention in Charlotte. Coach Mendenhall spoke on the power of expectations and reference several studies as he drew connections between coaching and teaching. He also shared several stories from throughout his coaching career, including the Eco-Challenge he created while at New Mexico.

Coach Mendenhall's career began at Oregon State as a graduate assistant (1989-1990) before moving to Snow College to work with the defensive backs and serve as the defensive coordinator (1991-1992). He then joined the staff at Northern Arizona as co-defensive coordinator (1993-1994) before returning to Oregon State and being promoted to defensive coordinator (1995-1996). Mendenhall coached defensive backs at Louisiana Tech (1997), was the assistant head coach/defensive coordinator at New Mexico (1998-2002), and was the defensive coordinator at BYU for two seasons before being named head coach (2003-2015). Mendenhall has been the head coach at Virginia since 2016.

  • [1:01] Start of General Session
  • [1:39] The power of expectations
  • [4:10] Family first, last, and always
  • [6:50] Labels and their effect
  • [8:44] The Pygmalion Effect
  • [12:23] The "Eco-Challenge"
  • [17:30] Coaching as teaching
  • [20:12] Will before skill
  • [23:48] Inspiring high performance
  • [26:13] Feedback: Six positives to one negative
  • [27:40] GameStrat Ad - Discount Code
  • [28:40] Plan for sons' future fiancées
  • [32:32] The very best coaches do not allow excuses
  • [38:37] Less drama, more work

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