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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Jul 21, 2022

This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring Oregon State’s Running Backs Coach, AJ Steward.
Coach Steward discusses stepping outside his comfort zone, applying his life philosophy to his coaching philosophy, and using AFCA 35under35 to climb the coaching ladder

AJ Steward attended Kansas from 2007-2011 where he spent most of his career as a tight end. Following his playing career Coach Steward coached at Rice, BYU, Arizona, and now at Oregon State.
Coach Steward is the running backs coach at Oregon State. In the 2021 season running back, B.J. Baylor was named to the All-Pac-12 First Team and received honorable mentions for the All-American team. Also under Coach Steward OSU achieve a record average of 6.4 yards gained per play.
Coach Steward is also a member of the 2022 35Under35 class.

[0:28] Start of Interview

[1:27] Start of Coaching Running Backs

[4:29] Gaining Confidence

[6:35] Do you think you were more successful because you were outside your comfort zone?

[8:55] Faith and Family - Life Philosophy

[12:06] Big Brothers Teach Life Lessons

[14:31] Little Brothers Can Give Good Advice Too

[15:43]  How do you use the prestigious history of Oregon State running backs to motivate current players?

[17:26] Future in Coaching

[19:08] Awards and Staying Motivated

[21:12] 35 Under 35 and Climbing the Ladder

[24:00] Social Media

Twitter: @Coach_Steward