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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Apr 20, 2023

This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring Marco Regalado, the Executive Director of Player Personnel & Recruiting at Rice. Coach Regalado discusses his career path from GA to collegiate recruiting and his meteoric rise on social media. 


Marco Regalado begins his second year with the Rice football staff as the director of player personnel and recruiting innovation as well as the NFL liaison. Coach Regalado previously spent time at Washington St. in the recruiting department and was a Texas high school coach for 5 years. Known for his vast social media presence and unique strategies, Coach Regalado has generated a significant following for his modernization of recruiting. 

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1:05 Introduction 

2:10 Start of Career 

6:05 Change to D-Line GA 

7:00 Getting into Texas HS football 

9:30 Teacher Certification Process 

11:24 Coaching in various divisions at the HS level 

13:50 Conversations when moving on to new role 

16:20 Growing in social media presence 

19:40 Getting the Washington St. Opportunity 

24:50 Getting experience for scouting 

28:30 Interest in coaching again? 

30:10 Running the recruiting show 

35:00 How to handle the changing landscape of college football? 

36:50 Conclusion