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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Mar 16, 2023

This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring Coach Joe Gerbino, the offensive coordinator at Bethune-Cookman. Coach Gerbino discusses his start in coaching, recaps his season, and reflects on his selection as the DIII Assistant Coach of the Year.

Joe Gerbino became the Pioneers' offensive coordinator in the Summer of 2017. Gerbino was originally hired as an athletic assistant for the Utica football program in the Spring of 2015 and was responsible for the wide receivers, the same position he played as a Pioneer. He played four years of varsity football at Utica and was voted as a leadership council member for every semester at the institution. Coach Gerbino has been a part of both bowl teams at Utica in 2014 as a captain/player and in 2016 as a coach. This past season, Utica qualified for the NCAA tournament for the first time in program history and Coach Gerbino coached his group to be the 2nd best total offense in the Empire 8.

0:40 Introduction

1:30 Why did you get into coaching?

3:10 What made you take the risk to coach?

5:00 What were the consistent things you did as a player to get noticed?

7:30 How do you apply your own time as an athlete at Utica, now as a coach?

10:54 Impact of Coach Faggiano

13:42 How did you prepare with schemes and gameplans as a young coordinator?

17:00 What were some things that took time for you to adjust to?

22:00 Different areas involved in at Utica

25:05 What inspires you to give back to other coaches?

27:00 Graduation with Master's Degree

28:07 AFCA Division III Assistant COY

31:00 Conclusion