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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Jan 31, 2019

This week on Inside the Headset, we speak with Northern Colorado's Safeties Coach and Special Teams Coordinator Woody Blevins. We discuss his time as Sport Psychology Director, how he approaches player development on and off the field, and his 30-day challenge for his players.

Woody Blevins began his coaching career in 2011 as a student assistant at his alma mater, Colorado Mesa, and he worked with the cornerbacks and assisted with special teams. In 2012, he was brought on staff at the University of Northern Colorado as a defensive assistant working with the secondary, and he was promoted to safeties coach prior to the 2014 season. Along with the safeties, Blevins works with the special teams at UNC, and he also held the "Mental Edge" title while he served as the Sport Psychology Director for the Bears.

  • [1:42] Start of interview
  • [2:00] The worst safeties coach in America
  • [4:40] Personal growth binge
  • [8:46] Being a "Mental Edge" coach
  • [12:17] Mind Gym and A.C.T.
  • [17:40] GameStrat Ad - Discount Code
  • [18:13] Character development
  • [28:43] The 30 day challenge
  • [32:16] The best piece of advice

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