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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Dec 14, 2017

Episode 15 of Inside the Headset with the AFCA features Liberty University linebackers coach, Josh Bookbinder. Bookbinder is in his 7th year on staff at Liberty and shared some keys to longevity at one school, how he started his coaching career and what key skills he and Liberty head coach Turner Gill look for when recruiting linebackers. He also shares his networking advice and his and how he approaches attending Buzz Sessions at the AFCA Convention.

Follow Coach Bookbinder on Twitter: @JoshBookbinder

(19:00 mark) This week’s Staff Spotlight is with the AFCA’s Director of Sponsorship and Development, Bobby Staub. He gives a short rundown of his career leading up to his arrival to the AFCA in January 2017 and what he’s looking forward to in his first AFCA Convention.

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