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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Feb 14, 2019

This week on Inside the Headset, we speak with Larry Kindbom, head coach of Washington University in St. Louis. Coach Kindbom was the Honorary Head Coach of the 2018 AllState AFCA Good Works Team. We discuss his time as a GA for Woody Hayes, his Playbook of Champions letter project, and his annual coaches summit that organizes for football coaches from all around his region.

Coach Kindbom's career began at Ohio State University in 1977 as a graduate assistant for Woody Hayes (1977-1978). Shortly after, he became a full-time assistant coach at the University of Akron (1979-1982). In 1983, Coach Kindbom accepted his first head coaching job at Kenyon College, and during his time there he also served as the head coach of the school's baseball team (1983-1988). Kindbom was named head coach at Washington University in St. Louis in 1989, and in his 30 seasons leading the program, he has only had 5 losing seasons. He has over 200 career victories as a head coach, including 185 at WUSTL.

  • [1:51] Start of interview
  • [2:04] Becoming Woody Hayes' graduate assistant
  • [5:56] Lessons learned from Woody Hayes
  • [7:30] Adjusting to the head coaching role
  • [11:43] The impact of being a two sport head coach
  • [14:41] GameStrat Ad - Discount Code
  • [15:15] Building a dynasty at WUSTL
  • [18:50] "Playbook of Champions"
  • [23:30] Organizing annual coaches summits
  • [26:30] Honorary Head Coach of the 2018 AllState AFCA Good Works Team

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