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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Jun 1, 2023

This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring Joe Bowen, the defensive run game coordinator and linebackers coach at Miami (OH). Coach Bowen discusses his entrance into the profession, time as a GA at high-level FBS programs, and returning to his alma mater to coach. 

Joe Bowen recently completed his first year at Miami (OH) and will add defensive run game coordinator to his responsibilities for the fall. Coach Bowen is a Miami graduate and has spent time at numerous Power 5 programs as a graduate assistant learning from some of the best in the profession. He has also coached and worked with multiple defensive NFL draft selections. 

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1:10 Start in coaching 

3:30 Student Assistant at Miami University 

7:19 Responsibilities 

10:20 Learning more about the game 

12:35 Disciplined approach 

15:25 Remaining on staff as defensive GA 

18:50 Being vocal as a young coach 

23:00 Time at high-level schools as a GA 

28:50 Takeaways as GA 

32:00 Various memories at GA spots 

34:25 Decision-making process for job selection 

38:15 Development as a coach

41:00 Returning to alma mater 

44:00 Importance of the AFCA 

46:10 Social/Conclusion