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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Apr 27, 2023

This week on Inside the Headset we are featuring Jarae Thurmond from Georgia Southern. Coach Thurmond reflects on his time in the Navy, his career progressing to a spot at Georgia Southern, and the impact the AFCA has had on his career and network. 

Jarae Thurmond spent 12 years in the United States Navy as a Lead Instructor before medically retiring and joining Georgia Southern. During this time, Coach Thurmond was a semi-pro football player in various locations as well as spending some time as an assistant coach at Sweetwater High School in San Diego, CA. Coach Thurmond then traveled back to Georgia and joined Clay Helton’s inaugural staff at Georgia Southern as an assistant before being promoted this past spring to the Director of Player and Recruiting Relations. 

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Show Notes: 

0:40 Introduction 

1:35 Getting started in coaching & football 

2:50 Similarities between football and the military 

3:55 Joining the Navy 

5:00 Semi-Pro Football 

5:58 Getting involved at Sweetwater HS 

7:28 Improvement as a coach 

10:25 Passing on your own experiences to your players 

11:40 Getting in the door at Georgia Southern 

16:50 The promotion to Director of Player & Recruiting Relations 

20:10 Advice for coaches trying to make the jump 

22:22 Impact of the AFCA 

24:05 Social Media 

25:15 Conclusion