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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

May 24, 2018

On this episode of Inside the Headsetwe team up with the hosts of Run The Power, Brady Walz and Rowdy Harper. We discuss the importance of understanding the offensive line, our adventures in podcasting, and we even break out the whiteboard to draw up a unique RPO.

0:08 - Start of interview

0:57 - Rowdy Harper background

5:15 - Brady Walz background

7:29 - Playing across the offensive line

9:55 - Coaching o-line & Run The Power

18:48 - Importance of coordinators understanding line play


23:51 - Utilizing podcasts to teach coaches

28:17 - Bronco Mendenhall & playing against BYU

31:02 - Coaching athletes to be unselfish & celebrating their success

40:45 - Applying Extreme Ownership to coaching

44:23 - Whiteboard RPO diagram

49:18 - Wrap up

If you'd like to watch the video and check out Coach Price's RPO Diagram, check here:

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