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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

May 7, 2020

This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring Cedar Hill High School Quarterback Coach and Recruiting Coordinator, DJ Mann. Coach Mann discusses the importance of being a recruiting coordinator for the right reasons, the significance of knowing the academic component to recruiting, as well as the value in positively promoting your athletes.

DJ Mann has been in the education profession for over 11 years, teaching and coaching throughout the Dallas Metroplex, West Texas, Houston, and East Texas. Mann has been a teacher, quarterback coach, and recruiting coordinator at Cedar Hill since 2017. Prior to Cedar Hill, Coach Mann spent four years as the assistant head coach, offensive coordinator, and recruiting coordinator at Crosby High School (2012-16). Mann has also had coaching stints at Sulphur Springs High School (2010-12), Wylie High School (2008-10), Spruce High School (2007-08), and Palo Duro High School (2006). Additionally, Coach Mann is the owner of BeGreat Academy, a quarterback and receiver program preparing athletes for recruiting camps, combines, and showcases.

  • [1:35] Start of interview
  • [2:51] Being a recruiting coordinator for the right reasons
  • [4:03] Creating the buzz on social media
  • [5:45] Developing film for recruits
  • [8:50] The significance of academics
  • [14:15] Communicating with collegiate scouts
  • [18:02] Promote your players
  • [23:26] Separating yourself as a recruiting coordinator