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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

May 4, 2023

This week on Inside the Headset we are featuring Dave Clawson, the head football coach at Wake Forest. Coach Clawson reflects on his start in the profession, and his reputation as a program builder, and offers some advice to young coaches. 


Dave Clawson has been the head coach at Wake Forest since 2014. With a track record of high-level success and conference championships, Coach Clawson has become a well-respected program builder in Division 1 football. In January 2022, Coach Clawson was named a board of trustees 

0:35 Introduction 

3:00 First coaching opportunity 

6:30 Finding your niche 

8:45 Getting the OC opportunity 

10:40 Retooling & maintaining offensive consistency 

12:00 Realization of role 

14:30 Villanova transition 

18:15 Getting the HC job at Fordham 

23:30 How did the rough start as HC shape you today? 

25:00 Thought process for staff selection 

29:14 Commonalities of program building 

31:40 Identifying strengths and weaknesses 

33:10 Bowling Green conditions 

36:35 Advice for up-and-coming coaches 

39:10 Getting involved with the AFCA 

40:22 Conclusion