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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

May 10, 2018

On this week's episode of Inside the Headset, we speak with Bronco Mendenhall, head coach at the University of Virginia, and Mike Christensen, head coach at Lakewood (Calif.) HS.

Coach Mendenhall shared how coaching is truly a form of teaching, how he made an adventure out of his family’s move from Provo to Charlottesville in 2016, and why you should make an effort to serve on an AFCA committee.

1:01 - Start of interview

2:03 - Coaching as teaching

4:55 - Power of expectations & the Pygmalion Effect

6:58 - Extreme Ownership & accountability

8:42 - Eco-Challenge & “will before skill”

12:15 - Making an adventure out of moving from Provo to Charlottesville

14:56 - Plan for sons’ future fiancées

18:02 - Flaws in the current recruiting model

19:45 - Player interviews: “Words mean nothing to me.”

21:02 - Importance of serving on AFCA Committees

23:36 - Recap

Follow Coach Mendenhall on Twitter: @UVACoachBronco

In our second segment, Coach Christensen, the AFCA's HS Committee Chairman discussed the importance of the game of football and how interested HS coaches can get involved with the HS Committee.

35:13 - Start of interview

35:26 - Importance of the game of football

36:37 - Role as Chairman of National HS Committee for the AFCA

37:25 - Impact of AFCA’s online content

39:30 - Committee involvement

42:20 - Importance of the high school coach

Follow Coach Christensen on Twitter: @FBCoachC

Email Coach Christensen: michaelechristensen(at)

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