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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Jan 9, 2020

This week on Inside the Headset we are featuring the annual AFCA Convention Playbook. The AFCA's Mario Price and Mike Cross break down everything you need to know going into the 2020 AFCA Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. They highlight the convention schedule, including what sessions they are looking forward to most, as well as different tips and tricks to help maximize your time in Nashville.

  • [1:35] Start of interview
  • [2:58] Registration logistics & exhibit hall
  • [4:32] Skill and Drills presented by FieldTurf
  • [7:18] Divisional meetings & High School Coaches Academy
  • [10:34] First timers meeting
  • [11:29] Kick off speaker, PJ Fleck
  • [13:09] Buzz sessions
  • [16:06] Divisional general sessions
  • [18:34] Graduate assistant/career forum
  • [20:02] AFCA honors luncheon presented by Amway
  • [21:01] General sessions - Gary Patterson, Blake Anderson, Matt Rhule
  • [26:00] AFCA tailgate party presented by FieldTurf and the NFL
  • [28:34] General sessions presented by Brand Armor -  Sonny Dykes, Dave Clawson, James Franklin
  • [32:34] NCAA rules seminar
  • [33:49] Victory Speaker, Kyle Whittingham & American Football Coaches Awards
  • [37:07] Outside the lines & breakout sessions
  • [42:30] Advice to coaches coming to convention
  • [44:44] PDS information & AFCA mobile app
  • [47:35] Missed a session? Visit the AFCA educational library

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