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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Jun 20, 2019

This week on Inside the Headset we sit down with Todd Berry, Executive Director of the AFCA. We discuss the process of taking over a new team as the head coach and everything that goes along with it: establishing culture, developing player buy-in, identifying team leaders, and inspiring hope.

Coach Berry's career began as a graduate assistant at the University of Tennesee in 1983 working with the tight ends. He would go on to also serve as a graduate assistant at Tulsa (1984) and Oklahoma State (1985) before being named the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Tennessee-Martin (1986-1988). Coach Berry worked with the receivers at Mississippi State (1989-1990), served as the OC at SE Missouri State (1991), and was later the OC at East Carolina (1992-1995). In 1996, Berry was named head coach at Illinois State (1996-1999). From there, he went on to lead Army's program for four seasons (2000-2003). Coach Berry then joined Louisiana-Monroe as OC (2004-2005), Miami as quarterbacks coach (2006), and UNLV as the assistant head coach/OC (2007-2009). In 2010, Berry returned to Louisiana-Monroe--this time as head coach (2010-2015). Todd Berry became the fifth executive director of the AFCA in 2016.

  • [0:25] Start of interview
  • [0:58] Reflecting on early years
  • [4:39] Understanding the uniqueness of each job
  • [10:35] Taking "tough" jobs
  • [16:03] "Leave a place better than you found it"
  • [18:20] Creating to "buy-in"
  • [24:39] Establishing your system
  • [27:53] Dealing with outside criticism
  • [32:26] Developing young quarterbacks
  • [33:35] "First she sleeps, then she creeps, then she leaps"
  • [37:42] Little things that lead to perfection
  • [42:07] Leaving a lasting legacy

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