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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Sep 14, 2023

On this week’s episode of Inside the Headset - Presented by CoachComm, the Head Coach of Southern Illinois, Nick Hill, dives into his career as a football coach. Coach Hill shares about his entry into the coaching profession, the process he uses to hire a staff that fits his program, and why he chooses to include his family in his work with the team. Coach Hill, a member of the 2019 AFCA 35 Under 35 class, has led the Salukis to two big victories to start their 2023 campaign.  

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Show Notes: 

0:54 Introduction 

1:24 Love for Football and Basketball 

3:14 When did you decide you wanted to be a coach? 

4:00 Experience playing D1 Basketball and coming back to football 

8:06 Benefit of athletes playing multiple sports and how that impacts recruiting 

12:04 Your approach to athletes wanting to play multiple sports 

14:23 Starting out as a young coach 

18:03 Developing as a coach  

21:27 As you began as a coach, what was something you were unprepared for? 

25:19 Hiring a staff that fits your program 

28:14 Avoiding burnout and balancing work and family 

34:48 AFCA 35 Under 35 experience  

37:14 Conclusion 

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