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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Feb 25, 2021

This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring East Central University Quarterbacks Coach and Offensive Coordinator Kris McCullough. Coach McCullough shares his unique coaching journey, discusses the importance of learning virtually, and highlights the significance of developing trusting relationships among your team.

In 2018, Coach McCullough began coaching at East Central University, where he currently serves as the quarterback's coach and offensive coordinator. He has also previously served as the special team's coordinator at ECU.

Prior to joining the Tigers' staff, McCullough spent time as the running backs coach at Fairmont State University. He also took on special teams and video coordinator responsibilities. Before tackling these roles, Coach McCullough spent time as a quality control coach at Old Dominion University and an offensive assistant at Henderson State University.

  • [1:01] Start of interview
  • [1:20] Personal journey in football
  • [2:24] The importance of taking initiative
  • [3:54] Building trust as a new coach
  • [5:08] Obtaining a position with a small network
  • [7:37] Establishing a personal network
  • [11:14] The significance of gaining experience and knowledge
  • [13:57] Earning a coordinator role
  • [15:46] Establishing mutual respect as a young coach
  • [18:58] Lessons learned as a young coordinator