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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Dec 11, 2019

This week on Inside the Headset we have a special two part episode celebrating Army Navy week. First up is Army Head Coach Jeff Monken. This episode features Coach Monken's 2018 AFCA Convention General Session.

Coach Monken is in his sixth season as Head Coach of Army.  Prior to arriving at Army, Monken was the Head Coach at Georgia Southern for four seasons.

Coach Monken talks about how he got his start in college coaching, his experiences as a first-time head coach, and the 7 commandments of winning football games. He also let us in on what it is like to coach at Army.

  • [3:28] Start of General Session
  • [5:44] Networking at the AFCA Convention
  • [12:54] Becoming a first-time head coach at Georgia Southern
  • [15:38] The blueprint for success at a service academy
  • [22:31] Army’s seven commandments
  • [24:20] 1. Turnover margin
  • [25:25] 2. Running the football
  • [27:19] 3. Win the kicking game
  • [27:51] 4. Third down conversions
  • [28:35] 5. Big plays and negative yardage plays
  • [29:23] 6. Win on the goal-line
  • [30:31] 7. Penalties
  • [31:07] Army’s culture and standards
  • [35:28] How football models lessons of a service academy
  • [39:59] Today’s cultural impact on football


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