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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Nov 10, 2022

This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring Jameson Croall, the Head Coach at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Coach Croall explains the unique opportunity coaching at a service academy, his coaching path, and some key takeaways from his involvement with the AFCA.

Coach Croall was recently named USMMA Football's head coach in August 2022. This will be his 11th year with the program, first as HC. The previous 10 years Coach Croall served as the Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach. A 2009 graduate of Springfield College, Croall played for four years as an offensive lineman for the Pride while earning his bachelor’s degree in physical education. He graduated with his master’s degree from Springfield in 2020.

Show Notes:

0:51 Start of Interview

1:07 What sets apart military academies from other football universities

3:12 Is military service commitment required, what does that look like?

6:30 What is your approach when recruiting at high schools?

9:02 Is your current position the end goal?

12:44 What are the first stats you look at after the game (excluding the score)?

13:48 Magic conversion percentage

14:30 How much of a priority is time of possession?

18:27 How have you developed your offensive philosophy?

21:00 What games do you want to watch the most during a bye-week?

22:06 What are the rewarding parts of coaching a player at a service academy?

25:15 What roles have you played as a coach and within your community; the correlation to serving your team and becoming head coach

28:18 Coaching Volleyball

30:10 What has been your experience with the AFCA and what growth have you seen within yourself sense becoming a 30 Under 30 member?

33:45 Social Media

34:36 End of Interview