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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Aug 16, 2018

On this week's episode of Inside the Headset we speak with FootballScoop Content Manager and Ravenna HS (MI) Head Coach Doug Samuels and Cibolo Steele HS (TX) Defensive Backs Coach Adam Harvey. Coach Samuels is entering his first season as a head coach, and he talks about putting his stamp on the Ravenna program while also working for FootballScoop. Coach Harvey shares his views on the concepts of failure and grit, and he discusses how Steele bases defensively out of Cover 2.

Doug Samuels' coaching career began in 2008 at North Park University as a Video Coordinator and working with offensive tackles and tight ends. He then served as the offensive coordinator for Holton HS (MI) (2009), coached offensive skill players at Rockford College (2010), and served as a college scout for the National Collegiate Scouting Association (2011). In 2011 Samuels began working for FootballScoop, but he continued coaching. He was an assistant coach at Shelby HS (MI) for two seasons (2012-2013), offensive coordinator at Forest Hills Northern HS (MI) (2014), and assistant head coach and offensive coordinator for Holland West Ottawa HS (MI) (2016-2017). Samuels accepted the head coaching position for Ravenna HS (MI) this offseason.

0:35 - Start of interview

1:06 - Joining the FootballScoop staff

2:56 - Uniqueness of working for FootballScoop and coaching high school football

6:05 - Podcasts he listens to on his daily commute

8:29 - Gathering football content and applying it to his own program

10:04 - Path to becoming a high school head coach

13:16 - First steps he took as a first-time head coach

16:05 - Evolution of FootballScoop

You can follow Doug Samuels on Twitter.

Adam Harvey's coaching career began on the basketball court for New Creations HS (IN) in 2003. In 2005, he and his wife uprooted, and he accepted a middle school coaching position at the San Antonio Academy (TX), and he remained there for eight years (2005-2013). Harvey then joined the coaching staff at Steele HS (TX) where he currently works with the defensive backs and special teams.

22:07 - Start of interview

22:16 - Using failure as an opportunity for player development

24:23 - Teaching players to "brush it off" when something goes wrong

29:18 - Explaining his use of #LiveGritty on Twitter

33:01 - Basing out of Cover 2 as a defense and disguising for as long as possible

37:06 - Teaching zone coverage

You can follow Adam Harvey on Twitter.

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