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Inside the Headset with the AFCA

Feb 23, 2023

This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring Chris Kappas, Head Coach at Lousiville HS (OH). Coach Kappas recaps his collegiate coaching career and his transition to the high school level. He also discusses his unique experience coaching on all sides of the ball and reflects on his selection as the AFCA FCS Assistant Coach of the Year.

Chris Kappas was recently hired as the next head football coach at Louisville High School in Ohio. Coach Kappas transitions to a high school coaching job after a highly successful coaching career with stops at Austin Peay, Bowling Green, and Mount Union. Coach Kappas has held coordinator jobs on all sides of the ball as the ST, DC, and OC at Mount Union at various points during his time on staff and a successful DC at Austin Peay. During his time at Mount Union, Coach Kappas led a consistent top 10 defense as well as at Austin Peay his group led the OVC as the statistical leader in many defensive categories. Due to his efforts this past season, Coach Kappas was named the AFCA FCS Assistant Coach of the Year.

0:32 Introduction

1:05 Pedigree of Mount Union football

3:37 Time at Bowling Green

6:50 Takeaways from Bowling Green

9:10 Different coordinator jobs at Mount Union

11:15 Running scout cards with the HC at Bowling Green

16:00 How can coaches get an opportunity to coach on the other side of the ball?

18:25 Transition to Austin Peay

22:10 Transition to Louisville HS

26:30 Experiences from your career that you brought with you to the HS level

30:30 AFCA FCS Assistant Coach of the Year